Ansteron Board is a microcontroller board designed for experimenting and building prototypes of electronic, robotic projects and interactive devices. Ansteron Board
Breadboard prototype Explore the world of electronic devices, experiment with variety of components and learn about the great things that microcontrollers can do.
Ansteron Board is ready to be a part of your new creation. It could be prototype of a creative idea that would someday change the world or a device that is unique, never will there be a second one. Actual prototype
Easy programming Everyone can program Ansteron Board with a simple programming language. Together with software libraries that handle low level electronics to provides a user-friendly tool for DIY(do-it-yourself) and experimental projects.
With Ansteron Board, advance technologies are closer to reach for people who love to build things. Anyone can be an inventor. Advance Applications
Ansteron IDE A complete development environment where hardware supports are fully integrated into software. With Ansteron IDE, having your program compiled, downloaded and run are just as simple as pressing a key on the keyboard.
Technical Specifications
CPU Ansteron Board

Detailed dimensions

Reference schematic

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Speed 16 MHz
Voltage 5V
Memory 32KB FLASH (Program memory)
1KB EEPROM (Data memory)
Peripherals 20 Digital I/O pins total, including
• 6 analog inputs
• 6 analog outputs (PWM)
• 1 Serial interface(UART)
• 1 TWI(I2C)
• 1 SPI
On-board programmer
PC interface USB 2.0
Features Download/upload program and data
Virtual Serial interface
Configurate CPU settings
Supply USB or External
DC input 9V DC (7.2V - 12V accepted)
On-board 5V 500mA Regulator
I/O pins 40mA per pin (max)
Consumption 30mA Active (USB off)
45mA Active (USB on)
12mA Standby (DC supply)