Ansteron IDE Ansteron IDE is the first implementation of a new idea in programming language. Visual presentation and flexible control flow allow users to create programs in a natural way, free their thoughts from being sharped in structures and rules.

Easy to learn, use, share and collaborate

A programming language that is simple to learn but powerful enough to handle any task. It promotes sharing and collaboration as in it, not only do you see the code, you see how the idea works.

It's a real programming language

Being a visual programming language but Anteron is not a visualization of another language. It is itself and it has the flexibility that others don't. Every piece of your program is directly translated into binary instructions, giving highest performance and efficiency possible.

Made for Ansteron Board

For the future when all electronic devices become smart and helpful. Inside every of them is a microcontroller running a smart program and Ansteron Board could be where the Makers of those started.
Ansteron Board

Software libraries

Those are ready-to-use pieces of code that can be added into your program to do different tasks or to work with other components. They are here to make it easier and faster for you to turn your idea into a functional creation.

Ansteron IDE is compact, portable and free


System minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or later
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 10MB available on hard drive
  • 1 USB port
Choose one of the following options:
Self-extract package
1.5 MB - Instruction
ZIP package
1.5 MB - Instruction
Other systems:
Ansteron IDE
Mac OS X
Ansteron IDE