Standard Library
Basic functions that provide control for most features of Ansteron Board as well as other commonly used functions.
Character LCD (cLCD) Library
Provide all necessary functions for interfacing with HD44786 compatible LCD modules. LCDs with 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, 40x2 and 8x2 character configuration are supported.
Software Serial Library
SoftSerial is a software-simulated serial interface. It allows sending and receiving data with Serial-like signals on any pin of Ansteron Board.
TimeStamp Library
The library creates a background task to keep track of time. It's like a virtual watch that the program can look at anytime.
Pulse Library
Generating a pulse with certain frequency for a period of time. This can be used to make beeping sounds or play a simple melody.
RC Servo Library
RC servos are common for robotics as well as other projects. The library allows Ansteron Board to generate appropriate signals to control these servos.
DS1307 - Real Time Clock
DS1307 is a common time keeping IC with TWI(I2C) interface. This library provides functions for working with the chip.
DS18S20 - Temperature Sensor
DS18S20 is a digital temperature sensor with high accuracy in a small 3 pins package.
Sleep Alarm Library
Saving energy by putting Ansteron Board into sleep mode with an alarm set. The board can sleep for a period of time and wake up by itself.
SD Card Library
This library allow Ansteron Board to read and write files on SD or microSD cards.
W5100 Library
A common Ethernet chip with built-in protocol offloading features that can connect with Ansteron Board to provide access to computer network as well as the Internet.
Simple GPS Library
The library provides functions for interpreting output data of common GPS module. It supports NMEA protocol.
External and Pin Change Interrupts
External Interrupts and Pin Change Interrupts allow Ansteron Board to handle events that occurred randomly without having to check repeatedly.
WS2812 (RGB LED) Library
WS2812 is a popular RGB LED with built-in driver. The Library provides functions for interfacing with this LED, both singly or in a strip.
Grapher Library - Simple graphing utility
Grapher is a simple utility to plot graphs for Ansteron Board. It is a built-in tool of Ansteron IDE, couple with a library to provide functions for plotting data. It can be used to monitor sensors in real-time or to display logged samples.
ILI9340 Library
ILI9340 is a controller for many TFT color LCD. The library allows Ansteron Board to interface with this controller on SPI bus.
DHT11/DHT22 Humidity and Temperature sensors
This library provides functions for interfacing with DHT11 and DHT22 low cost humidity and temperature sensors.
DS18B20 - Temperature sensor
This library provides functions for interfacing with DS18B20 using any I/O pin of Ansteron Board.

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