Getting started
Getting started with Ansteron Board
This tutorial walks you through the steps to get started with Ansteron Board. This includes setting up software, hardware and creating simple programs.
Ansteron IDE user guide
Instruction on how to create and edit a program in Ansteron IDE as well as how to use other built-in features and tools.
Programming language user guide
Describe the basic elements of Ansteron's Programming Language and how to use them in a program.
Using Digital Inputs & Outputs
Digital I/O's are very basic for a microcontroller. This tutorial will introduce to you different ways to use them.
Using Analog Inputs & Ouputs
A guide for beginners on how to use analog features of Ansteron Board.
Communication interfaces of Ansteron Board
This tutorial is an introduction for beginner on how to use communication interfaces of Ansteron Board. Three basic ones are discussed, Serial(UART), TWI(I2C) and SPI.
Using Arduino Uno with Ansteron IDE
Ansteron IDE supports Ardunio Uno, a microcontroller board for artists, designers and hobbyists. This tutorial show you how to setup and use the board in Ansteron IDE.
Install and Use Ansteron IDE on Mac OS X
This tutorial shows you how to setup and use Ansteron IDE on Mac OS X. The custom version of Ansteron IDE for Mac can be found in here.
Install and Use Ansteron IDE on Linux
Setup and use Ansteron IDE on Linux computer with Wine, a tool that allows Windows applications to run on other platforms.