Install and Use Ansteron IDE on Linux

Ansteron IDE for Linux
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1. Intro

Ansteron IDE is a Windows application but thanks to Wine, a software that allows Windows apps to run on Linux, we are able to bring Ansteron IDE to your Linux computers. This tutorial will show you how to setup Wine, Ansteron IDE as well as Ansteron Board and Ardrunio Uno.

We created and maintaining a version of Ansteron IDE for Wine running on Linux. Thanks to the internal design of Ansteron IDE, we are able to bring it to Linux users with minimal change in user experience. In this tutorial, we use Ubuntu Desktop as an example. Other Linux distributions should be similar.

2. Setup Wine and Ansteron IDE

Many Linux users may have had Wine installed already. If you have not, go to Wine website to download and install the latest version. Some Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, you can install Wine in its Software Center instead of using command lines. Once Wine is installed, you usually can run Windows application by double click on them, the same way you run other application.

Ansteron IDE for Linux comes in a zip package (download link above). You can extract to any folder on your computer as well as USB drives and run it from there. Double click on file "ansteron.exe" to run Ansteron IDE. If your system requires command lines to run wine, you must also pass the path to let Ansteron IDE locate itself as well as library files, compiler and linker"

You should be able to run Ansteron IDE as seen above. Everything is pretty much the same with Windows. All tutorials and information on our website will apply to this version as well. You should also try to compile an example to make sure that everything is running correctly. Watch out for permissions that may prevent Ansteron IDE from accessing files or calling compiler and linker.

To make Ansteron IDE compatible with Linux, graphical details are slightly different than Windows version. A Linux version of hardware support for Ansteron Board is also used. Make sure your distribution supports HIDRAW in its kernel.

3. Setup Ansteron Board and COM port

When Ansteron Board is connected to a Linux computer, it will be detected as a standard HID device. All necessary drivers should be automatically loaded. To check the installation, run command "sudo dmesg" in Terminal.

Ansteron Board is now accessible in HIDRAW mode from file "/dev/hidraw2" as seen above. However, Ansteron IDE must be given permission before it can access the file. You can easily use command chmod, for example:

But you will need to do this every time Ansteron Board is connected. To make it permanent, you have to create a rule file (udev rules) in folder "/etc/udev/rules.d/". You can use text editing tool to create a file name "ansteron.rules" with the following content:

The VID and PID for Ansteron Board are 0x04D8 and 0xF4CC. Besides, make sure that you are in the user group "plugdev" as specified in rule file.

After rule file is set up, you will be able to use Ansteron Board without giving permission each time. You may need to re-plug the board to make those rules effective. Besides, additional boards can be used without having to do set up again. Ansteron IDE will scan for Ansteron Board connected to your computer. However, it will not detect when Ansteron Board is connected or removed. To re-scan, open Hardware setup dialog in Run menu and then press OK.

COM port:

To use Ansteron IDE with Arduino Uno or compatible boards, the process is similar to setting up Ansteron Board. Linux usually installs driver for Arduino board automatically and it is accessed through file name "ttyACMx". Note that permissions also need to be granted to allow Ansteron IDE to access the device. Besides, you will need to edit file "serial_map.conf" in the same folder with Ansteron IDE to map each COM port to a tty file.

Similar to Ansteron Board, a rule file will set up permission for COM port permanently. In Ansteron IDE, change hardware setting to Arduino Uno then you will be able to program the board.

4. Use notes

Programming Ansteron Board on Linux is the same as on Windows. All libraries and functions are identical.

When using Ardunio, you may see the downloading process is done before result message shown in message area. Please consider this normal as Ansteron IDE is running on a non-native platform.